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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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I realized that "road house swayze shirtless" was redundant and trimmed it down to "road house swayze" to find the above photo. I recently finished watching Road House, which is part of the free movies in the Comcast On Demand library right now. If you have never seen it, here's some info:
- Key actors: Patrick Swayze (see above), Sam Elliott (the stranger in Big Lebowski), and Ben Gazzara (Jackie Treehorn in Big Lebowski and lots of other great movies).
- Patrick Swayze (see above) is not all that fond of wearing shirts when kicking or punching.
- The whole thing seems to be centered around some amazing lines. The movie is just the vehicle to deliver them.
Here are some that I will never forget:

"prepare to die."
"you are such an asshole."

"what if he calls me a cock sucker? shouldn't I kick his ass for that?"
"no. it's two nouns put together to elicit a prescribed response."

"i used to fuck guys like you in prison."

"you want to fight, dickless?"
"well, i sure ain't gonna show you my dick."

"do you all pay him?"
"does a hobby horse have a wooden dick?"

"you ever see a pair of hand tubes like these? i'll tell you what: for twenty bucks you can kiss 'em. (guy gropes them) say, buddy, you gonna kiss 'em or not?"
"i ain't got twenty bucks."

"do you ever win a fight?"
"nobody (pause) ever wins a fight."

"i see you've found my trophy room, dalton. the only thing missing is your ass."

"pain don't hurt."

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