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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jaguars (-6.5) at LIONS
Those Lions will take a much needed break from all this staying close in games business and will brace themselves for a big thumping at the hands of their crazy cat cousins.

Titans (-3) at BEARS
Hope. Progress. Change. Rex Grossman. Loss.

Bills (+3.5) at PATRIOTS
I'll take the team with the sweet grill having running back.

Saints (+1.5) at FALCONS
No Fucking Clue (NFC) game of the week

Rams (+9) at JETS
Because 9 is a big number

DOLPHINS (-7.5) vs Seahawks
Sea Men + Blow Holes = POWER SWALLOW

VIKINGS (-2.5) vs Packers
This is a tough one, like picking between ice fishing and snowmobiling on a nice 5 degree day. I'll take Vikings and hopefully Rogers will continue the tradition of crying all the way back to Green Bay after losing to the Vikings made famous by BF.

RAIDERS (+9.5) vs Panthers
Raiders have good chemistry and heart and loud nerdy fans

Chiefs (+14.5) at CHARGERS
Chargers too prone to big fuckups to take giving over 2 tds

STEELERS (-4) vs Colts
So easy.

EAGLES (-3) vs Giants
Get your watchin' pants on for this one.

TEXANS (-1.5) vs Ravens
Throw out the records for this game because each team should have been 0-0 when this game was supposed to have been played. Texans have Andre the Johnson.

CARDINALS (-9.5) vs 49ers
Cardinals give me hope.

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