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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Suck It and Bet with the Mastro-V

Have only posted less than 50% of the time, but check out these records:
  • Week 7 - 10-3-0
  • Week 6 - 10-4-0
  • Week 3 - 10-3-0

Throw in my High Lifers for those non-Hemi picks and I'm 44-21-0. So, time to provide the wisdom to make y'all some money (and me none of it, because doing it yourself invalidates everything).......(Going full length text, can't keep conservative...)

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns - -2½ - Ouchie momma. Me no likely this one. AFC North-crap-er. Guess I'll go Browns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs - +9½ - Chiefs are bad, but they like to play well at home and this is a done. Awful Chief, I'm sure would agree.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills - -5 - Bills keep rolling. Brett still is from the south and throws INTs away.

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams - +3 - Kurt Warner homecoming, Dick Vermeil ceremony, the whole fucking place going to be crying about something, which is also the level of play. Rams at home continue their winning ways.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears - -12½ - Lions bad yes, but now that Millen is gone you can see everyone trying a little bit harder. No one to blame this disastor on. Go Lioooooonssss!

Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings - -5½ - Continue lack of respect for the Houstons of Texas.

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans - -3½ - My heart just isn't in this one. In High Lifers I'll keep the pack, but for those that like money, I say stay away. That half point will be brutal. But Pack it is.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals - +7½ - Bengals keep losing badly.

Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos -4½ - Toughy. Broncos pull off miracle and win. But Miami is starting to believe...But never mind. Broncos roll.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants - -8½ - Boys in a funk, but come on. 8.5.

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks +6½ - Who do I hate more? Holmgren or Reid? I say Holmgren. Thrash them.

Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders - +3 -Ok, got to run, quick picks. Atlanta

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts -6½ - Pats

Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins -2 - Skins


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