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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Can everyone suck any less? Mr B-Ships auto-win parlay comes up a wimpy 1-2. With his UW ML looking like he was on crack or something. Don't you remember that UM beat UW? That means they suck.

Then Michigan lays a supreme egg, leaving this fan to tell Rocket fans, "Good game". Don't need to reiterate our record against MAC teams, though I saw one stat that had this conditional: "current MAC teams". So we've lost to a previous MAC team? Anyone know what is?

Then my streak of cross-sporters comes up dead. Can't seem to get on the right end of the ALCS team. But today I will put another out there, for "no guts, no money", is the creed of the true gambling man/addict. And I really like them Phils. You'll have to read this entire blog to get today's cross-sporter...

So, another NFL week is upon us and let it be known all fans of Michigan pro-football and baseball, here come the Wisconsites. Will try and pick out some quick comparisons:
  • Packers AND Lions both have lost to the Falcons
  • Brewers AND Tigers done in by shoddy defense in the playoffs

I know Finger-licious can pull some more, but I thought these were very recent and valid comparisons of demise.

So to start the picks, let's start in the NFC North, which is only the second worst division behind the AFC North. Man, they really should make these 2 play each other every year. Wouldn't it be grand to see feline match-up Bengal v Lion? I mean might as well put 2 real cats out there and let them maul. Better than watching Palmer and Kitna trying to prove who should have started 3-4 years ago in the Nati. Meat Packers vs. Steel Workers? Forget the QBs, let's get some mobs out there to brawl. Mistake on the Lake vs. Un-Mistake on the Lake? Two teams whose rise and fall actually seem to coincide. (Side note: If you can find a good antonym for mistake, let me know). Sister Cities Unite! St. Paul (Minneapolis) vs Baltimore (maybe stretching a little with DC), but both teams play like each other. An offense that can't seem to go anywhere, and a defense that is the backbone.

Ok, ok, here are my picks using airport codes....

GRB (+1) @ SEA - Ok, so Hasselback is dinged up, they have no receivers and the Pack was humiliated last week. This is a homer pick, not a true indication, though SEA is bad. I love the send off they are doing for Holmgren, which is pretty much nothing.

DTW @ MSP (-13) - Though this is exactly the game the Lions show up for. Kitna OUT, Vikings another great running team ala the Falcons. Is this a repeat of that shellacking? Well, yes and no. Yes, in that it's a laugher, no in the fact that the Lions MC. I switch my pick: DTW (+13) @ MSP. Goooo Lions!

STL (+13) @ IAD - These NFC East teams are all high on themselves. I see the Skins falter a little and keep Bulger, who has LOTS to prove, a chance in this game. Or STL really does stink and it's a DTW / STL race to the #1 pick.

CVG (+9) @ EWRb - (As a note, since the Jets and Giants play in same place, I had to use EWR for both. Jets are b and Giants are a.) Seriously, the Bengals aren't an 0-5 team. They're bad but not that bad. Let the Cardinals game be an absolute aberration. As I said in that post, they were flying cross-country. Bad thing. Bengals short flight, but I forget now that Palmer is out. I do a late switch again: CVG @ EWRb (-9)

OAK (+7) @ MSY - Easy question for the Raiders. Do you pack it in to give a big ol Fuck You to Al "I have no pals" Davis? Or do you have some respect and dedicate the win to Kiflin? Did Kiflin really do anything? Anyway, OAK is actually decent and 7 points is all they need. They win this game over a reeling Saints team that realizes that there offense can't just be punting it to Bush.

MIA (+3) @ IAH - This is a toughy, I come back later. MIA wins. Texans get humiliated again.

ORD @ ATL (+3) - ATL makes it 3-0 versus the NFC North. They realize they are for real and why they held on to Vick for so long that a freaking rookie QB can take them from laughingstock to respectability, oh yeah and Michael Turner is pretty good.

BWI @ IND (-4) - Seriously? This is my lock of the week. Where lock = 99%. Anyway, Ravens get bitch slapped back to no offense reality. Ray Lewis takes over at QB by shooting Flacco. He gets convicted and all is right in the world with him and OJ behind bars.

JAX @ DEN (-3.5) - Mile high is what it used to be again. A place where Denver wins and covers.

PHL (-4.5) @ SFO - Even without Westy, Donovan is so mad he could hug TO. Blowout.

DFW @ PHX (+4.5) - Cards are happy. Imagine when they were still in the NFC East, now in the West they are top dogs and aim to payback the Boys. Pacman's bodyguard also appears and tackles Pacman inches from running one back. Breaston shows up again.

BOS (+5) @ SAN - Can't figure out this line. Pats are solid and SD aren't that solid. Cassells first prime time game and since he's never played one before (I think) he doesn't know he should suck. Just throw it to Moss.

EWRa @ CLE (+9) - I'm using lines on yahoo sports, rest were 7.5. Got to take the Browns here. Plex is back and will somehow cause issues. Maybe a spike after a first down without being touched anyone?

Here is the cross-sports parlay: LAX ML + BOS +5. Good luck to all


  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger The Battleship said…

    Actually, my parlay went 0-3. Everything went wrong yesterday. I'm suspending myself from making NFL picks this week.


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