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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gmail Chat and Ex-Girlfriends Don't Mix

"Kristen (ex's roommate) said she saw you the other day."
"Yep. Saw her while walking home."
"She works right there. Luckily I go the other way so I don't have to see you on my way home."
"Sure is windy out there today."

"It's amusing that you appear on gmail everyday at around the same time. I swear I'm not stalking you...yet! LOL"

"I think we can still be friends, just give me some can't get rid of me--I'm like HERPES! LOL :D"

Yikes. It's times like these that make me less upset at work for taking gmail away from me. I really hope that people I chat with aren't as sickened by my circle turning green as I am with hers.

The following comment is unrelated but I think is worth making anyway:
I'm not sure if there is one of those urban dictionary terms for when you break up with someone when you run out of condoms, but there probably should be.

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