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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SWM ISO Manger in Clean Comfortable Barn

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I will be running in the Boston Marathon this coming Monday. I have a flight reservation that will take me from National Airport just outside DC to Logan Airport on Sunday afternoon and will take me back late afternoon Monday. There's just one little problem: As of 10:52AM on 4/11/07 I do not have a place to stay.

About a month ago I posted an ad on the Boston craigslist temporary housing page asking if anyone had an extra bed or couch that I could sleep on the night before the race. You may be thinking to yourself, "Why doesn't he just get a hotel room? What is he, poor?" I'm not poor, but I don't want to pay $250+ for a mediocre room outside of the city. Plus, if the hotel isn't understanding I may have to get a room for two nights so that I can shower after the race before flying home.

I was pleased to receive several responses to the CL ad. At first I accepted a place with my own room in a house in Cambridge for $40. Then several folks responded saying that I could stay at their place for free. I picked a host who promised me my own bedroom over the couches at some other spots. The woman seemed extremely enthusiastic about me staying there.
Hi, My name is **** and I have a single ( very comfortable) bed for you to sleep on the night before and/ or after the Boston Marathon. I am an R.N . and I share a 3 bedroom apartment in Newton ( Waban) and I love the Marathon!!. I grew up on the route( Commonwealth Ave) and have a Brother in law and many friends that have run or will run the race this year. I work at **** in Belmont and I share my place with a PhD ( Literature) at **** and a nice gentleman that works in the Film business ( ****). We are seldom home although are very excited about the Race and always enjoy runners. Growing up my Father would always invite runners from other states or countries to stay over on days/ evenings/ nights around the race. It is a holiday for me that seems bigger than any other holiday during the year due to my Dads birthday being April 19th. I am in my 40's, **** is in his early 30's and **** is also in his 40' s.You are more than welcome to come and stay. I always try to get out to the beginning of the race but can not confirm that I will this year. There are buses from Boston and also many supports for runners here in Newton. ( Many other runners that is). It would be a priveledge to have you stay. Although I am not a runner my dentist does run and has run every year for close to 20 years. He is part of a runners group in this area. Please know you are more than welcome to stay and let me know if I can provide you with further info to help. I live in a two family house and am close to the Waban Train stop on the D line that travels directly to Copley station ( the START ) Look forward to hearing from you and I commend you for meeting the challenge of this WONDERFUL RACE. ALL THE BEST> ****, R.N.
This person seemed nice enough. Then I got another one from her.
Hey ****,
I was just looking at the Boston Athletic Assoc web site about the start of the race. Historically the race started at 12:00 Noon. This year ( Race # 111 ) it appears that it will start at 10:00 am. The town of Hopkington SHUTS DOWN at 8:30 am. Which means that NO one is permitted to enter the town by car. I may be able to drive you to Hopkington (only about a 10 mile ride) as we are close to Mass turnpike in Weston). It is only about a 15 to 20 minute ride by car. I love going to the start as the Marathon posters are different each year and very beautiful and the Runners BUZZ in the air is so exciting! Visitors also bring revenue to this little town that relies on this day each year for small businesses to make some cash. The race starts at 500 feet above sea level and so there is a lot of Down hill running at the beginning. I grew up on Heartbreak Hill ( not too far from Boston College). I am told it is pretty rough on your body when running but there are volunteers en route willing to massage calfs, or help you out if you need it. Many chiropractors, nurses, Physical therapists also are strategically placed at different rest stops along the way to assist those with SORE MUSCLES, BONES, BODIES!! Take a look at the web site if you haven't already because the Pasta dinner the night before is for all registered runners and there are many interesting people and sometimes some good music. Many Kiosks also are set up down town to assist runners in picking up their chips, numbers and race t shirts.This prevents long lines and endless waiting on your feet before the long race. The race starts in Two Waves. Wave # 1 starts at 10:00 am and Wave # 2 ,a little later. These waves are dependent on qualifying time and your age. Sorry if I am oversharing. Please know that these details are all the more reason for a FAN to GET EXCITED ABOUT SUCH A COOL RACE. Let me know when you will be coming in and if I can be of further assistance. All the best. ****

OK, still nice and enthusiastic, but getting kind of crazy too. The "SORE MUSCLES, BONES, BODIES!!" thing weirded me out, but whatever, I had a place to stay so I was content. Then despite multiple emails to her attempting to sort out the logistics of staying there and getting to and from the race I didn't hear back from her for several weeks. While typing this post I finally got an email from her.
Hi ****, Just checking in to confirm Sunday 4/16. I just spoke to my friend Dr. **** and he asked me to be sure to remind you of the start of the race. It is DOWN HILL for the first 6 or 7 miles. The first 3 miles are straight down so **** recommendation is to START SLOWLY. You will be more likely to feel reasonably good at Mile 18 if you REALLY START SLOWLY. Many people have this HIGH that comes with running races and they feel exceedingly happy, euphoric at the beginning of the race. Brian said beware of being carried away by these feelings. Your legs and BODY will incur more damage at the start if you run TOO FAST> He is running in the second wave and he will start at about 10:30am. Not sure which wave you are starting in but let us know. If you have found other accomodations also let us know. Hope to hear from you either way. All the best. ****,R.N.
I have been sort of panicking to find a place to stay so I was sort of glad to get this from her, but for god sakes, enough with the running tips! This ain't my first rodeo, cowgirl. I emailed her back expressing my concern about the logistics. Hopefully this works out, but if you are reading this in Boston and have an extra bed or couch and want to house a runner for a night, let me know. Please don't make me have to turn to the M4M craigslist ads!!!!

Update: Secured a smaller room with an air mattress in that same house in Cambridge for $40

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