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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Stuckey and Affalo picks pissed me off, but so did this.

My brain is kind of fried today. I'm taking a course at the University of Maryland this Summer that my employer encouraged me to take (and is paying for). I've been out of school for a few years so it has been a little bit rough getting back to homework and sitting through lectures. It has it's pluses though. Tuesday on the bus from the College Park metro to the student union, I sat across the aisle from a really skanky looking girl wearing a really tiny skirt. I couldn't help but see her panties when she was sitting down. She also had a nice tramp stamp. I enjoyed all of this greatly. I should probably check the missed connections section of craigslist later for something like

"I was showing you, and everyone else on the bus, my crotch. I did this in hopes that you, and everyone else who could see the panties covering my nineteen year old vajayjay, would get a boner. How would you like to meet for the purpose of doing something with me that would make you feel really dirty and really old afterwards?"

So I had my first midterm yesterday evening. After I finished it, I did just what I remembered one was supposed to do after an exam: go get bombed. Dolores and her BF picked me up and we went to the Ugly Mug, a little spot in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC. I had experienced limited success with girls at this bar when I lived in the area, but last night was all about the beer and for me, the USA vs Argentina Copa America match.

If you care about soccer, you already know what happened, and if you don't, you don't so much want to know. It was sweet to see the US get up 1-0 early on, but it became clear that in the end we would still get waxed, and that is in fact what happened. It's shameful, what happened. The US soccer federation, or whatever those punks call themselves, left out several of the top players from the roster for the match. They are basically treating the tournament like they have no chance and sending the tired players who just finished the Gold Cup would be a mistake. This would be like Evergreen State (just heard of this school today, and all because of Stuckey) started their bench players in the NCAA tournament after winning the Big Sky Conference because they were playing North Carolina.

The US wanted to win their regional tournament, and they did. And good for them. But if they think that anyone cares about a tournament featuring the US, Mexico, and a bunch of garbage as much or more than Copa America, they are fucked in the head. Did Mexico take the same approach after the Gold Cup? No, they told their players to strap it on and sent them down to Venezuela to beat Brazil in their opening match. And they did. When they didn't screw themselves with the initial roster, the coaches did it for them. Ben Olsen of DC United was taken out for a guy that doesn't even start for the Columbus team at a point in the match when our defense was still holding up.

Would the US still have lost last night with Landon Donovan, Beasley, and company? Probably, but it would have been closer. Maybe it would have been 2-1 or 3-2, which is no small feat against a team with Messi, Tevez, and a boatload of other players who are worshiped all over the world. Maybe it was time to give some of the younger guys a shot on a big stage, but why not give it to them against Guatemala or Canada, at least for a whole half. That way everyone's favorite pussified fluffy headed player with a receding hairline and his buddies are able to show up in a match that actually matters.

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