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Monday, July 30, 2007

Craigslist Workshop

It's a really tough thing, writing a craigslist ad. A girl is probably not going to respond to an ad that reads "I have a hard-on. If you're hot, I'd like to stick it in you". No, you have to be a little craftier than that. What makes a girl respond to an ad? There is no perfect formula, but some common features women demand of male respondents to their own ads include

- a picture of your face (no cock-shots)
- age
- height
- what you like to do for fun
- highest level of education
- no one line responses
- be sexy, not creepy
- show your sense of humor

It's tough to mix all of this together, especially while you're typing with one hand.

Let's have a look at a couple ads to see how they did.

Not bad. The man remembered to include a face pic. Thirty minutes from now, he should be dropping a ruffie in a girl's drink getting to know someone just as special.

Face pick? Check. Disclosure of hobbies? Uniform? Check-2-check. Serious expression to show that he means business? Check. Mate.

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