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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deadspin sets benchmark in key industry performance metric

Fairly early on in the alcohol and coffee fueled journey that is this site I wrote about how my feelings were hurt slightly that I was denied commenting privileges on Now, having purged myself of those pesky "feelings" some time ago, I don't have anything but good things to say about Will Leitch and his mafioso wearing their emotions on their tight black short-sleeves. In fact, just the other day Mr. Leitch took the time to respond to an email I sent him regarding his interview by Scott Van Pelt on ESPN radio. What a nice fellow! A credit to the Midwest.

Deadspin commenting, like the snakeheads in the Potomac, is now a powerful beast that cannot be tamed or controlled. The comments on certain posts now go well into the one thousands. Between my job, writing for this site, and reading and commenting on other great sites, I just don't have time to follow along with the Deadspin comments right now, which is just as well because the carpal tunneled out hands feeding the beast are doing a great job.

While the quality of the postings is consistently at a high level -- they must have some six-sigma blackbelts working over there because their writing appears to be ISO 9001 certified -- some clearly stand out as exceptionally brilliant. I encourage you to read the ESPN secret memo posting and then the Deadspin version, which is at the stand-out level.

Please give me back my stapler: ESPN's secret interoffice complaint memorandum

Meta DUAN: Our secret company memo is leaked

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  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger the butler said…

    I could never break into the commenting over there, either.

    We should form a support group.


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