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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Return of the Logan Circle Jerk

This morning I was walking from my apartment to the Metro. I was listening to my ipod like any nice young urban professional would be doing when I heard a voice behind me.
"Hey, excuse me."
I did not respond.
"Excuse me."
This time I paused my ipod, removed one earphone, and turned around.
"Excuse me. Hey man, dude, you look exactly like this guy I knew from GW man. Did you used to swim for GW because you totally look like this--"
"No. And you've tried this on me before."
I turned around, plugged my ear bud back in, and resumed walking towards the Metro station. Fifteen seconds later I looked back and the guy was now on the other side of the street, standing behind a sign, staring at me.

Longtime readers may remember this post from way back in the year 2006. Note that when I wrote that post, it was the second time the same guy had approached me. Today Mr Creepy got himself the hat trick. I am dumbfounded by this. I live in a densely populated area. How is it possible for this to have happened three times in the roughly two years I have lived in my neighborhood? Does he try this on other gentlemen? And does it ever work? Apparently I have more self esteem than I used to, as I didn't listen to his whole shit this morning. But I was in a hurry. I kind of wish I could have heard what terms for the deal he was going to throw out there. Did biker short/shortless modeling go with the overall economy or was it one of those special things like alcohol that is recession-proof? I also wonder whether I should have called the police to report him. The guy was clearly a weird-o, but had he done anything illegal in the previous two propositions? Eh, fuck it.

I was going to the Metro this morning because I needed it to take me to the airport (if you're a michigan resident this public transportation to the airport concept may sound a little freaky, but stay with me) because I needed a plane at the airport to take me to Boston. In Boston I boarded the T at the airport to take me into town where I picked up my race pack for the Boston marathon which I will be running in for the second year in a row. You can read all about that here. Some of it's actually pretty decent. It's weird looking back and seeing that I used to really get inspired. Thank gawd those days are behind me.

I am currently in a bed in the attic of an unknown family's home in Medford, MA. Just like last year, I went to "temporary housing" on craigslist to find a place to stay that would save me some money. Unlike last year, it actually worked out. You can read about that in one of those links above. They are nice people and they have three children who are excited to have a runner staying with them. I gave the children some free crap from the race pack and expo because that is what I understand you do. Give them free shit that they can fight over and then break or forget about completely after one hour. Maybe one day those little kids will grow up and decide to waste shitloads of time training for events they have no chance of winning in like me. Fuck, I'm so fucking good with kids...

Time for bed. I'll tell all four of you readers how the race turned out. I won't win, yet I'll receive a participatory medal and heaps of praise. A runner must have come up with the idea for the Special Olympics.


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