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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Went out on Limbs and Fell

Like the Brewers scraping the barrell for coaches, last week I went long and ended up only 6-8. Respectable, but not the MastroV experience one would expect. Brings year record to 50-29-0, which is still respecatble. And here's to the Lions for being blacked out and I get to watch the Pack at home.....

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots -3½ - BUF - Got to keep riding them. Marshawn getting no respect and this is their year to put it on the Pats.

Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears +3 - Hmm....Trappy game here. But TEN runs all over Chicago and Sexy-Rexy only looks sexy off the field, not throwing it. TEN

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons -1½ - Falconies. Saints can't stop a baby carriage rolling up hill.

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins -7½ - Wow, this is one line I never would have expected at the start of the season. Parcells have them alive and poor seattle had maybe the longest flight capable in the continental US. MIA

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings -2½ - Go with the Pack. Their ATS when the dog has to be nearly perfect this year.

St. Louis Rams at New York Jets -9½ - Which rams will we see? My guess is the bad one, but I just can't pick EWRb. STL it is.

Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans -2½ - Texans home favorite against a decent BAL team that keeps surprising. I just don't see Houston winning. BAL

Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions +6 - JAX is very upset. JAX. Lock of the week.

Carolina Panthers at Oakland Raiders +9½ - OAK hasn't played well in a few weeks. Think they pick it up here just a little. Nah, that's stupid. They were shut-out last week. CAR it is.

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers -3½ - Don't understand the line. PIT.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers -14½ - KC just isn't that bad. KC

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles -3 - Got to take the points, just have to. NYG

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals -9½ - Zona can blow them out, but Monday night Frank and gang will get pumped up by Singletary. SF.

That's what she said and it's on.


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