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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Stench On October 7th Won't Be Coming From the Anacostia

NOT a happy little cloud

One of the positives to come out of the Schrutebag thing, which touched off a barrage of str8up nasty mufuggin' posts from laptop gangstas across the blogosphere, was the discovery of some fantastic sports blogs thanks to the good work done by the head cheese over at Awful Announcing. Every checkoutmyhemi writer, except for the top-heavy one from Philly and the delinquent Chicagoan, is from the unemployed great state of Michigan, so I was extremely pleased to become aware of The Wayne Fontes Experience, which is now linked on the right side of this page forever and ever, amen. We hope that our continued commentary on Michigan sports will compliment the fine work being done o'er yonder.

While "working" and struggling to read through the KSK guest postings yesterday, the NFL schedule was released. TWFE has taken the time to assess the Lions Chances in each of the sixteen goatfucks scheduled for the upcoming season. It's not often that a Lions fan will read any piece of news related to the team and jump for joy or pump the fist, but for the Battleship--the biggest Lions fan I know and I (or is it the Battleship and me? I'm from SW Michigan so it's a miracle that I can even read) that's exactly what we did upon reading that the brave warriors in Honolulu Blue and Silver or whatever shitty alternate jersey they are wearing will be traveling to the DC metro area to play the Landover Redskins.

The Battleship and I will be pissing away likely hundreds of dollars to get tickets for this rare visit from our favorite and most hated NFL team. Hopefully Arnie and Dr Blackstones will make it out. The Battleship will certainly be wearing his lucky James Stewart home jersey that has helped the Lions almost win so many games over the past several seasons. I will be wearing the brand new Charles Rogers alternate jersey that I purchased for $15.

As we get closer to October 7th, you can look forward to (or past) posts about why Lions fans should hate the Redskins, calls to protesting the employment of Matt Millen on the National Mall, and other virtual turdery by both myself and the Battleship.

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