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Friday, August 03, 2007

San Francisco is to Salt Lake City as a cock ring is to a Christian love pack

The photo above was taken with my phone in mens room of a bar on or near Union Street. I attempted to purchase one (who would not want a glow in the dark schlong accessory for just seventy-five cents?), but the novelty machine ate my quarters. I had to go ask the bartender for a refund. He gave me a high-five for being dirty, as well as my seventy-five cents back.

The linked photo below, to be fair, has nothing to do with the SLC. Don't let the satin sheet and flower petals fool you, there is no vibrator in there. No handcuffs. Not even a broken condom so that you can pretend like you're having casual sex while knowing that you are actually intending for conception, just as your priest tells you God wants.

Uncover God’s desire for your marriage through the illumination of His design for your relationship and your bedroom. Are you romantically – challenged? Through a short book, relationship experts explain how God generously gives intimate freedom to every married couple. You’ll also learn to see genuine oneness in the light of God’s word.

Reveal your spouse’s romantic language by completing a simple romance inventory which will light the way to deeper communication about intimate matters.

It's far more racy than anything you would ever find in Utah's capital city.



  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    "The Ultimate in Stimulation and Visual Appeal!"


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