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Sunday, November 16, 2008

On a MastRo-"ll'

Wins pile up for me, losses for the Blue. Guess Martin et. al. looking a little silly. RR could be the worst coach we have ever had. Inability to adapt his schemes to our players, inability to coach less turnovers, and a bend and usually break defense. To blame Lloyd, is a disgrace. Anyway, back to the pros for a little happiness:

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers -14 - It's really tough to follow the Lions in SE Michigan. Really not sure what happened last week, but they did got killed at home. Though bad teams play better on the road, but Panthers are good. This is not close. CAR

Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons -6½ - Just have a feeling DEN going to keep this close. I think I could be very wrong, but DEN.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts -8 - Texans starting to lose steam. A young team gets bowled over a redugent Colts team. IND

Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins -10 - Sorry raiders. Phins have something to prove with the
Jets win over the Pats. The AFC East is anyone's game. MIA

Minnesota Vikings at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4½ - Going with Buccs. TB

New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs +5½ - Going with upset here. KC been keeping close and both defenses are awful.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers -3½ - GB. First nice cold game. Grant running better.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals +9 - Fitzpatrick has found his way, though Eagles D will disrupt big-time. Very tough to call this one, but PHI.

Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants -7 - Really? Only 7? NYG

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers -7 - SF. No S Jackson spells doom and Singletary has them believing.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks +3 - I see Cardinals flopping here. SEA

San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers -5 - SD is not bad.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars +3 - Wow, another low line. I must be missing something. TEN.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins +1½ - This is a toughy. DAL has pay-back in their mind.

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills -5 - Come on BUF. Snap out of it.

No locks, but strong leans with the NYG and IND.


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