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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The More You Know

Did you know:

1) that there are over 20 blends of Richards Wild Irish Rose?

Description from Centerra Wine Company site:

In 1954, Richards Wild Irish Rose was introduced and with strong advertising behind it, the brand quickly became a multi-million case selling product. Today with more than two million cases sold annually, it is still the largest-selling Beverage Dessert brand! Richards Wild Irish Rose is a strong but sweet wine that consistently delivers great taste. It comes in five delightful blends: Red Wine, White Wine, Wild Fruit, Wild Grape and Platinum. The brand is available in 13.9% and 18% alcohol by volume.

Here is their description of Cisco (there are 20+ varieties of Cisco, too. YAY!):

Cisco is a Beverage Dessert wine for people who like a strong, great-tasting sweet wine at an affordable price. Cisco is available in a wide range of flavors: Orange, Peach, Red, Berry, Black Cherry and Strawberry and in 375ml and 750ml sizes. All wines are offered in both 13.9% and 18% alcohol by volume.

Could anything possibly sound like a better compliment to a Hostess apple pie and Detroit Lions football than these fine dessert wines? No way!

I guess not everyone agrees.

2) that there is a website containing the PSA from every GI Joe episode?

From Season 1:
Airtight- What to do if someone passes out
Never lift the head of someone who's fainted... Keep him flat and brace his legs. Now, loosen his clothes and use a wet cloth.
Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. I sure wish they would have told us the other half, or what greater war the battle was associated with. Hopefully there was a good exit strategy and it's now over.

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