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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fantasy Soccer: Un-American and Un-Not Fun

My fantasy English Premier League team, the Wallbangers, has really started to turn it on. In gameweek 20 before the start of the Charleton Athletic/Fullham FC match in which I have Liam Rosenior going, I was ranked 8,799th worldwide for the week out of 1,147,200 teams. Not bad for a stupid American, huh? If Rosenior plays 60 minutes I will finish with at least 78 points as long as Fullham doesn't give up 2+ goals, which actually is pretty likely. My big transfer of the week was picking up Primus from Portsmouth, a defender who scored two goals yesterday. Ronaldo and Drogba continued their in-form play. Say what you want about Christiano Renaldo. He's better than your favorite player. Period! Ok, he's better than any other Premiership player. Ronaldinho = la meilleure.

My transfer for week 21 was dropping Carson for the cheapest keeper I could find, increasing my money in the bank to 3.0 units. I plan on dropping Rosenior and upgrading at defense, possibly with Carragher or Finnan.

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