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Friday, December 22, 2006

Maria Bartiromo, I Want to Make Out With You.

I hear she likes to french
Every other Friday I get to stay home and not work. With today being one of those days, I am keeping my mind limber, drinking coffee, and watching a little CNBC. Several Summers ago I had a 20 hours per week internship. This left me with lots of time to sit on my ass and watch tv. At this point in my life I was a very active online stock trader. I used to go into every day looking to make moves with my modest balance. I made a lot of bad decisions and lost some money that Summer. I no longer trade actively, but I do sometimes enjoy watching CNBC, as I see myself eventually switch from investing in the professional athletics market to the stock market and want to stay up on the for-profit business world. The best part about watching CNBC is getting to see my favorite woman on television, Maria Bartiromo. She is everthing the girls that I end up dating are not: smart, beautiful, and elegant. She does outstanding work and looks great doing it. I would so love to meet her after the markets closed at a happy hour, talk about some surprises in the trading day, and just get lost in her eyes. I would then walk her back to her car or helicopter and make out with her.

Do you love the rich flavor of french press coffee but hate cleaning the sludge out? Not sure whether it's safe to just pour it down the sink?

Well, friend, here is a quick and easy way to get the job done:
1) Bring the coffee maker by the sink. Grab a strainer and place it in the sink. Take a sturdy paper towel and place it inside the strainer.

Now slowly pour the sludge into the strainer. You will probably have to fill it up with water a few times and repeat the pour to get all of the grounds out.

The entire clean up will take about three minutes, so don't hesitate making the f-press coffee you love because you dread cleaning afterwards.
That's all from here. I will be heading down to Florida on the 24th. Perhaps I will go to the Bennigan's en seul. Bon weekend!

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