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Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's Indaface!

Ok, so last night the Knicks beat my Pistons in an extremely high scoring overtime game. Pretty embarrassing. It was a road game, however, and the Pistons had won four or five games in a row going into the game, were 7-2 in the last nine, and still held a two game lead over Cleveland and Chicago after the loss. The Central Division continues to be very strong with every team now over .500. The New York Syphilis have actually managed to win some games lately, moving them to second place in the dreadful Atlantic Division. At the time of the last report, New Jersey was in first place with a 11-14 record. They have dropped to third place behind the Genital Warts and the Syphilis. After an embarrassing outbreak, the Herpes have dropped to fourth. There continues to be no cure for the AIDS, even after a major transplant. The STDivision overall record has worsened since last report.

Atlantic Division (54-90)
1. Toronto
2. New York
3. New Jersey
4. Boston
5. Philadelphia

While there is no cure for the Atlantic Division, abstinence from competition is recommended.

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