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Thursday, April 12, 2007

No Man is an Imus
With great indifference the nation has watched the demise of radio talk show host Don Imus. I won't go into great lengths on this, but Imus really helped everybody out by finding his way into the public doghouse. The thing is, Im sort of wondering how this guy was ever in a place where he had a damn thing to lose. First of all, anybody who is making commentary on women's basketball should realize that he needs to improve his material. Im not saying this because women's basketball sucks or anything like that, Im just wondering who the hell takes a struggling sport and decides to lower the boom on it. I mean, why didnt he just say something along these lines:
"You know what really grinds my gears, that silly pothead Jeff Smoker, I mean come on...Hello!
do you realize that is the ARENA football leauge you're playing in or are you just too zooted!"


"You know I was watching some men's water polo last night, and let me tell you something, If all Im going to see when somebody gets thier swimsuit forcably removed is a shriveled up penis and some balls, D. I. changes the channel! I mean, Kevin Costner tried that whole waterworld thing. I guess it made money in Europe, goes to show how much that bunch of effeminante commies love their crap."

Its a wonder to me why MSNBC is just pulling the plug on the simulcast right now. I can think of 2 great reasons they should have done this well in advance of his recent assumption of Jimmy "The Greek" status:
1. He's not funny enough to be a "shock jock"
2. He's not interesting (or reputable) enough to be a legitimate journalist

It will let you know that if you're able to buffalo a bunch of politicians into going on your show how far you can get. I guess he did have a lot of NYC movers and shakers among his audience, but those people wont be admitting that now.



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