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Monday, September 10, 2007

What Had Happened?


Congrats on getting some playing time late in that game last night after Eli went lame. It must be hard to eat wings and drink several beers and Jack & Cokes while cheering on the Lions and then fly to Dallas where you’re expecting to just hold a clipboard, and actually have to play in the game. That’s what I call a busy Sunday.

Man, I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday I flew to Detroit, Arnie picked me up, and we went straight downtown to see the Tigers whoop up on the Mariners. Then we came back to his house and drank a whole lot of liquor and beer. Oh wait, you were there too! That was awesome. I don’t know about you, but I must have had way too much to drink, because, come to think of it, the next thing I remember is being in the back of your brother’s car Sunday morning. That was really nice of him giving us a ride to the airport. He seems like a really good guy – it was nice to finally meet him. So I remember that, and flying back to DC reading the newest Chuck Klosterman book, and riding the metro home, watching the Redskins while tracking fantasy scores, and of course watching the Lions dominate the Raiders at the bar later. Man, the Lions looked great! This is going to be quite a year for them, I have a feeling.

But I feel like I’m forgetting something about the weekend. Can you think of what may have slipped my mind? I feel like it may be one of those things that I’m going to remember and say to myself, “Duhhhh! That was, like, only the biggest thing to happen last weekend, you dummy!” Was there a concert or a festival in Ann Arbor that we both flew back to go to? I feel like it had to be something kind of big, like big enough that it could have been the whole reason for flying back to Michigan for the weekend. Man, dude. This is embarrassing. Anyway, if you can think of it, let me know. If you can’t think of it either, maybe Arnie remembers. Hope you’re having a good one. And GO LIONS! RAAAR!!

-Awful Chief

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