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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Pool and a Pond

"But, seriously, no b.s...if you ever want to rap or just get weird with somebody...You know...buddies." - Carl Spackler, Caddyshack

You may have noticed things have been a little weird around here lately. "What kind of blog is this?", you might be asking yourself. This is understandable. Most of the successful blogs out there feature good writing about a narrow range of subjects. It is not my intention for this to be a successful blog. Rather, this site exists to keep me sane enough to not go out and burn down buildings on a regular basis.

Like Mike Tyson, I am many things. We all are, in fact, and I respect writers who restrict the subject matter of their blogs. Every blog that I read regularly is focused on sports, because I like -- no, I fucking like sports. I fully acknowledge that the lack of focus here may be confusing to the readers who stumble upon this site and that confusion may make them decide to not visit again. If you stopped by to read an opinion on some random occurrence in the sports world and instead found something that is not about sports and to top it off makes absolutely no sense, like a rap/poem about gentrifying someone, it may weird you out. You may feel like you have glanced up toward the window of someone you just met, maybe a friend of a friend, while walking by his apartment building -- not expecting to see him , but just because you know that's where he lives -- and see him standing on his balcony naked with a paper bag over his head, waving at you. Maybe covered in feces.

So if you are confused, so am I, but just hang in there -- both of you. We have meaningful college football starting this Thursday. We have meaningful NFL football next Thursday. Both of these will be written about extensively here. I also plan on writing about the English Premier League once per week. There's some structure for this piece of shit what-have-you. The Tigers are in a serious pennant race and commentary will be made regarding it. Don't believe me? Tonight I watched the Tigers micturate upon the pride and the tradition of the New York Yankees, winning 16-0. Verlander and Polanco did serious work for my shitty eliminated fantasy team,'s a fantasy league, so who needs standings? Rick Sutcliffe is the most affable whore in broadcasting. See? I watched. I don't just sit here watching Lifetime movies starring ex-90210 stars and the great Gary Cole.

Also, big thanks to Dolores for her post, helping to put the We in Weblog.

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  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    I'm a big fan of things that are loose... This blog being one of 'em. While I understand the need to not alienate your devoted macho sports-watching fans, you gotta at least keep this blog a little bit F-A-G-G-Y.


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