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Monday, October 01, 2007

Justice Served

eyes wide apart

Fuck you, Philadelphia Eagles. A week after you decide to play some football against my Lions, ending their chance to piss on the '72 Dolphins perfect season, you get double-fisted by a defense that allowed a total of 97 points over three games. Three goddamn points. When Winston Justice wasn't letting Osi Umenyiora blow by him, he was taking two steps back before the snap and getting called for it. Despite this pathetic display, the Eagles coaching staff seemed to be blind to Justice getting served. No replacement for him on the left end, no tight end or running back lining up to help out. Andy Reid, don't you understand that I'm trying to feed my family? Why are you so against families having enough cash for getting basic nutrition?

The same goes for you, Steelers. If you're going to go out there and play football with the same kind of off-kilter rhythm that members of your bumbling fan base employ to pleasure their significant others, why wouldn't you give a hint to the gambling community during the first three games that you had a bed-shitting of that magnitude in you for yesterday? How could one player make so much of a difference on defense as Polamalu? When he left the game, the steel curtain turned to beef.

NFL betting can be a natural, zesty enterprise. Sometimes, however, it chaps one's ass to the point where even a Sunday with a 34 point fourth quarter by the team you cheer for can't wash away the feeling of loss. Maybe it's time to quit. I started betting on the NFL to help take my focus off of the boring, shitty Lions. Now the Lions, while still prone to embarrassing losses like last week, are one of the most exciting teams in the league. There is no reason for wasting money on teams like the Eagles, who looked as bad last night as the Lions at their absolute worst points of the Millenium.

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