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Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's football weather here in the D. Of course it doesn't matter since the Lions play in a warehouse (and are at Carolina today). I just wanted to tell you how much I hate Ford Field. Everyone in the area says 'Oh, It's such a great stadium.' No it's not. Football is supposed to be played outside. Period. If they can do it in GB and Chicago, both which have worse weather than the D, why not here? The answer is simple. The Ford's know that the current streak of non-sellouts (which has meant blackouts for 3 of the last 4 Lion home games), would have started a long time ago if fans had to sit outside. They built a roof cause the team STINKS and always will stink. A retractable roof would even suffice. I went to a game last year where it was 65 and sunny outside, yet I had to go INSIDE to watch the game. I was upset. The worst part was the little sliver of sunshine that broke through one of windows and shone onto the field to taunt me. I have never been so mad at sunshine.

My picks:

Lions (+14.5) @ Carolina
Lions will not win this game, but 14 points is too many, with Carolina looking to whoever they are playing next week.

Bears (+3.5) @ Packers
The battle for the NFC North lead will come down to a field goal. One way or the other, that's a cover for me.

Giants (-7) VS Ravens
The Giants are too good for the Ravens and their rookie QB. With all of the shittalk from ray lewis, the G-men will have no mercy.

Dolphins (-10.5) VS Raiders
Once again, the Raiders are very very bad.

Eagles (-9) @ Bungals
The Eagles really need this game and can't afford to overlook the Bungals. They only way the Bungals keep games close is if they are being overlooked.

Falcons (-7) VS Broncos
The Broncos have a very very bad defense. Micheal Turner will run wild.

Texans (+8.5) @ Colts
The Colts just aren't that good.

Saints (-6) @ Chiefs
The Saints can't be that bad, can they?

Vikings (+5.5) @ Bucs
The Vikings are playing well, and All Day might have taken the next step toward greatness last week after taking the team on his back for the winning score after his 4th down fumble. At least I hope so, since he is a keeper for me in fantasy.

Cards (-3) @ Seahawks
The seahawks are bad, the Cards are decent. If this was any team other than the Cards that were playing this well, the line would be at least 6.

49ers (-7) VS Rams
I hear Mike Singletary has a hairy ass. Respect.

Titans (-3) @ Jags
Still no believers in the Titans in gambling land. They are 8-1 ATS.

Steelers (-5) VS Chargers
The chargers just don't have it this year.

Redskins (+2) VS Cowboys
Tony Romo's wittle fingwer is better. I'm not convinced the Cowboys are.

Bills (-5) VS Browns
The Bills will be pumped for their first home MNF game in living memory.

Last Week- 11-3 (actually 2 weeks ago)
Season- 54-42-2


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