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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Picks = Big Loser

Made my quicks real pick without any pithy commentary, which results in a 6-9 week. Well, this will be the last week for Hemi picks as week 17 betting can be for fools. I won't join them. So a merry x-mas to all and to all here's to a Packers win......

Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys -5½ - DFW - Boys have found their way and Ravens are incapable of scoring points.

New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions +7 - DTW - My pity pick of the week, but hey the Lions keep covering and the Saints have no D.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans +2½ - PIT - Starting to show, stop Lendale and CJ and Kerry Collins stinks. Steelers have best D and want to show they are really back.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams +5 - SFO - Rams have packed it in. They know their coach won't be back, but I guess the same is true of the 49ers. But Rams are so very bad.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns -3 - CLE - Battle for Ohio. But this is in the pound. Browns.

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs +3½ - MCI - Just have this feeling. Will be cold and Chiefs roll with Thigpen.

Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots -8 - BOS - Struggled with this one. Pats have everything to play for, Arizona really not much. Bill will continue to try and run up the score to prove to himself he is still a great coach even as the Pats miss the playoffs.

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3½ - TPA - Bucs needs this.

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders +7 - IAH - Houston going to show they are the new dog in town in the South starting next year. Watch out.

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks +3½ - EWRa - Jets need a win and will crush the Hawks.

Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos -6½ - BUF - Come on Bills, show some damn respect for yourself.

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings -3 - MSP - Vikings clinch here, Ryan gets frustrated as Turner can't run the ball.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins +5 - IAD - Skins stink, but come on. Eagles beat a bad Browns team. Still somewhat of a rivalry here and going Skins.

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants -3½ - CLT - Just have this feeling the Panthers will run and run and run and run. No one can stop Steve Smith and with weather bad, Eli will struggle and cry.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears -4 - GBR - Last hope to save the season. Lets get that C


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