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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home stretch

Well here we are. Week 13. Fantasy regular seasons are wrappping up. The playoff picture is starting to shape up. The Lions still searching for their first victory. Ahh.

Bills (-6.5) VS 49ers
West coast teams can't play on the east coast this year, esp. at 1pm. Also, I haven't checked the weather, but I bet it will be cold in Buffalo.

Saints (+4.5) @ Bucs
I have a feeling the Saints are gonna go on a bit of a run here. I think the trip to London really messed with them. Plus they need this much more than the Bucs.

Panthers (+3) @ Pack
Pack looked bad last week.

Giants (-4) @ Redskins
Giants are too good. Even without Plaxico. How do you think this happened? Did he sit down and the gun was tucked into his belt? Did he try to put it in his belt and it went off? Was it in a holster? I'm dying to know.

Dolphins (-7) @ Rams
The Rams are very bad. Too bad the Lions don't have them on the schedule. They might actually cover.

Ravens (-7) @ Bungals
Ugh. I'm glad I don't have to watch this.

Colts (-4.5) @ Browns
This line confuses me.

Jets (-7) VS Broncos
The Bronocs aren't quite west coast, and the game is at 4 so earlier rules may not apply. But the Broncos stink.

Falcons (+6) @ Chargers
Seems like the Chargers are favored by quite a bit. not sure why.

Pats (-2) VS Steelers
Pats really need this one, and they are at home.

Radiers (-3) VS Cheifs
They say that home field is ususally worth around 3 points in the spread. Makes a lot of sense if you look at this line.

Vikings (-3) Vs Bears
The Bears have had a hard time stopping the run the last few weeks (of course except for vs the Lions). Not good with AP in town.

Jags (+3) @ Texans
A classic matchup for MNF. Good work NFL.

Last Week- 9-7-1 (includes thanksgiving)
Season- 70-57-3


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