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Friday, December 12, 2008

Oui Suck

It has been a pretty wild couple months since I quit betting on football (regularly) in favor of betting on options. I've been up and down and over and out. Ups and (mostly) downs, strikes and (mostly) gutters. I sometimes tell myself and others that even though I may be way down, I'm learning a lot. Ppphttt. It's a very unforgiving game, options. But it has been fun and it forces you to keep up with the news.

One thing I have always enjoyed after a big down market day is looking for the inevitable head-in-hands photo of the trader to accompany the article entitled "DOW plunges 350 points on higher than expected unemployment" or some such shit. Oh, Mr. Trader, you look so saaaad! Awwww. You need a big hug, don't you fella? It's OK. There, there. It wasn't your fault you lost billions of investor dollars today. Buck up, soldier!

Out of this love, a new blog was born yesterday -- Head-In-Hands. Unlike this anything-goes, wild wild west, stick-it-in-anywhere-you-want brand of blog, Head-In-Hands will be more focused to...head-in-hands related content.

Oh, and I changed my name to Trader Rick after a forgotton series of commercials I used to enjoy as a young boy. If you can remember what product Trader Rick was associated with, put it in the comments. I'll be impressed if you get it right. I don't even think Googling will help you. On to football -->

It's an exciting time to be a Detroit Lions fan. I feel like this season is the masterpiece produced by the great artist who dies just before its greatness sweeps the world and is left to take in all of the fame posthumously. And that artist is of course Matt Millen.

There is little disputing that this Lions team is the greatest 0-13 team in NFL history. Any 0-13 team can go out there and get there ass handed to them every week. The 2008 Lions, on the other hand, goes out there just about every week and makes you think they might just win. Their sublime losing drives my hungover, half-masted self out of the apartment and into an area establishment wearing my alternate edition silver jersey with the faded "C. Rogers" nameplate (I maintain that Charles Rogers - the original Lions first round wide receiver - was a solid pick. He dominated like no other college receiver I have ever seen other than maybe Calvin Johnson) to see them lose in high style. A great tragedy makes you believe in the possibility of success even though it is certain that fate will keep that from happening. That said, this week will not be one of those close Lions losses.

COLTS (-17.5) vs Lions

RAMS (even) vs SeaMen

JETS (-7) vs Bills

DOLPHINS (-6) vs 49ers

CHIEFS (+4.5) vs Chargers

Packers (-2.5) @ Jaguars

TEXANS (+3) vs Titans

BENGALS (+7) vs Redskins

Buccaneers (+3) at FALCONS

CARDINALS (even) vs Vikings

Patriots (even?) @ RAIDERS

Broncos (+7) @ PANTHERS

Steelers (+2) @ RAVENS

Giants (+3) @ COWBOYS

EAGLES (-14) vs Browns

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  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger MastroV said…

    Quite the MS paint work on Millen. Reminds me of my great Domination Rocking the Nation team image with a blob of poop with a US flag on top.

    Trader Rick, damn, can't remember. Thinking its a car salesman or something.


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