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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Fix Is In!

After last weeks debacle in Pittsburgh, the gambling community is a bit skittish to say the least. Between the penalties and that phantom forward pass, it's pretty clear the NFL wanted the Chargers to cover. The fact that there was over $100 million more bet on the Steelers than on the Chargers is the icing on the cake. Fear not, we are here to help you.

Texans (+3) @ Browns
Cleveland stinks if not on MNF.

Bills (-3) @ Chiefs
The Bills need to right the ship, luckily they get KC.

Jets (+5.5) @ Titans
This is the end of the undefeated road for the Titans

Dolphins (+2) VS PAts
I hate Bosoton fans. This pick is for spite.

49ers (+9.5) @ Cowboys
I don't think the Cowboys have put it all back together yet.

Lions (+8) VS Bucs
My fantasy team has been the anti-Lions. They were 10-0, now they are 10-1. Look out for the reverse from the Lions.

Ravens (-2) VS Eagles
Eagles have issues.

Bears (-7) @ Rams
Trent Green?!? Get Fucked!!

Vikings (+2.5) @ Jags
I pick the Vikings every week. One of these weeks it will work.

Panthers (+1) @ Falcons
Who knows with this one?

Broncos (-8.5) Vs Raiders
Shanahan still hates Al Davis. Nothing like kicking your enemy while they;re down. Right Buckeyes?

Redskins (-3) @ Seahawks
Redskins need this one. Seahawks need new players.

Giants (-3) @ Cards
Giants are too good.

Colts (+3) @ Chargers
This line doesn't make any sense. Unless the NFL is involved, that is.

Packers (+2) @ Saints
Why are the Saints favored exactly?


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