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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picks be a Lady

Need this week. Two roughly .500 weeks in a row, with last week 6-8-1. Overall 73-48-1. Respectable, but not good enough to start up one's one 800 number. With that, going back to airport codes.......

BWI at CVG - +7 - Damn AFC North. These teams still don't like each other and even with CVG playing well at home, I see Fitzpatrick in thr ground a lot. BWI

IND at CLE - +5 - Colts are much better than these browns and with D Anderson back, Browns not much better, but this team for some reason will win the games it needs to save Romeo's job (and Braylon's). CLE

MIA at STL - +7 - Just don't see the Rams being competitive anymore. MIA

CLT at GRB - -3 - Pack is mad after being humiliated. Though Panthers will run all over them, I'm hoping for a miracle push. GRB

MSY at TPA - -4½ - Not sure why this line is so high, MSY is still solid. Take the points.

EWRa at IAD - +4 - Giants all way. EWRa

SFO at BFK - -7 - Bills keep pouring it on and those west coast teams don't fare to well in the ET time zone.

ATL at SAN - -5½ - Vegas still no respect for those Falcons. ATL

MCI at OAK -3 - Oakland starting to play better and 3 points against an awful Chiefs team should be a piece of cake. OAK

PIT at BOS -1 - Um, yeah PIT.

DEN at EWRa -8 - I know Jets are much better than Denver, but Shanny will get his boys up to the task and keep it close. Especially after being embarrassed last week. DEN

ORD at MSP -3½ - Bears can not beat a team in the NFC North outside the lions. Vikings stuff Forte and that's it. MSP

NIP at IAH - -3 - Have the Texans really arrived? I say yes they have. IAH


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