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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Airport Codes Lead The Way To.........................

A nice 9-4-0 week. Bringing yearly NFL mark to 82-52-1. Getting closer to my goal. Thinking maybe $1 per call, plus another $.50 for the lock of week pick, which unlike other prognosticators have to be truly special.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions - +10 - MSP - Was first in list and have leaning towards a nice lock of week. Though with the game not on TV and no one there, maybe the team will have no pressure. But sorry, MSP is going to rock the lions so bad, it's going to be sad.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts -13½ - IND - Do we see the same old colts here? Or maybe CVG shows some respect? Yes and no. IND all the way. Too many points though for LOW.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints -3 - ATL - Hmm.....Saints play much better in domes, but that's against non-dome teams. Both play in domes, so it's Super vs. Georgia. ATL marches on to the worst to first legacy that is the NFC South

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants -7 - PHL - Just don't see EWRa focusing after all these gunshots and investigations. PHL will come to play to show they ain't dead yet.

Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers -7 - IAH - I just don't see the Pack covering this with their porous defense. I'm just hoping they win.

Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans -14 - CLE - When has Tennessee deserved a line like this? We know CLE's troubles, but they still (whoops, just read who is the starting QB). Switching, to BNA. Lots of points, but BNA can clinch.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears -6½ - ORD - So we know ORD can only beat the Lions in the NFC North and any other non-NFC North team.

New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers +4 - SFO - Mike has em playing out in gay-frisco. EWRb maybe pulls this out, but go SFO

New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks +7 - BOS - Bill doesn't like to lose and to lose by lots of points, he takes it out on the next team. Check it out. Plus SEA is bad.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos -9 - MCI - Denver is Ok and knows how to win sometimes, KC is Ok and never can win. Neither play D. Should be a fun one. But still see a road C here.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills -1½ - MIA - Stupid Bills. They decide to play their one Toronto game against the Phins, which would normally be a guaranteed W. Changing pick here, MIA all the way.

Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers -3½ - PIT - Sorry boys. No marion, means no C.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals -14 - STL - Quite a line here. Rams will cover this somehow.

Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens -6 - IAD - Skins always seem to pull out good games against better opponents on the road. Will be virtually no scoring, but IAD maybe wins.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers -3 CLT - Home team covers here.


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