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Thursday, November 23, 2006

7-0 Lions

The Lions, whom I shrewdly bet on today, marched down the field on their opening drive and took the early lead with a short td pass to Dan Campbell. Joey just ran onto the field to a chorus of boos. First play of the day wait, timeout Lions.

Food update:

Last night I tried to get my holiday foods at Whole Foods, which is a much closer walk, and short walks are good when it's raining like it was last night. I was looking for a turkey pot pie. Fucking Whole Foods only had meatless turkey pot pies. What a truckload of bologna! What kind of punk picks up a box of tofurkey on thanksgiving? Whole Foods has great prepared foods, wines, cheeses, beer, and cuts of meat. Where they really come up short is in the frozen foods aisle. The portion sizes are all exactly one serving (12 oz), which may feed a six year old but sure as shit isn't going to satisfy my full grown man appetite [OOOOH, MIKE WILLIAMS JUST CAUGHT A PASS!!!!!...and J-Hans just nailed a 50+ yarder. 10-0 Lions]. Also, they seem to think that nobody wants to buy frozen meals containing dead animal. Hogwash.

So I trekked to Safeway in the rain, picked up two Marie Calender's turkey pot pies (made from scratch, inspired by grandma) and a Safeway Select frozen apple blossom desert. Each item is 16 oz. Lunch, dinner, and desert were secured. [Fucking Marty Booker. Throw it to Chambers, assholes!]

Three offers by area girls to join them for Thanksgiving with their family or friends:
-last night, fucking ex-girlfriend, my friend, my buddy, my dawg, asks if I want to come to dinner with her and some of her friends. I think i fielded this invitation on email when i came home trashed last night. I'm sure it was handled smoothly.
-both of the dog owner girls today down in the basement. Each is good looking, and one extremely good looking, but complete airheads. I wouldn't mind stuffing their turkeys. But I fucking can't stand dog owning girls and have promised myself to never get involved with one again. One of these girls lives in Baltimore and the other in Bowie. They felt bad for me, as did the cashier at safeway, and offered to take me back to their home, feed me, and bring me back tonight.
I of course declined all offers in favor of unrestricted football watching and alcohol consumption.

For breakfast I had four Tennesee Pride sausage biscuits and three eggs scrambled with pepper jack cheese. I also made some delicious french press coffee.

The day did start out with an eight mile run and 70 pushups. I have to watch my figure.
Almost time to open up the WIR and put the 1st crusty bird pie in the oven. She stares back at me every time I open the fridge.

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  • At 6:34 PM, Anonymous neilssuperpotentball said…

    c'mon, will. don't tell me that the lions giving up 27 unanswered, and you closing at the safeway less successfully than leon hall at the 'shoe, has left you impotent to update the goings-on of your day.

    buck up, camper.

  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger Awful Chief said…

    I'm focused, drunk, and still eating. Alone too.


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