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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don't Bet On the Lions

Honey, the Lions look great! 10-0! Can you believe it, we're gonna be rich!

Both of these games have really sucked. I'm currently flipping back and forth between the finals of the NFL cheerleader playoffs on NFLN and 90210 on SoapTV. Chad Johnson is one of the judges. He has a keen eye for evaluating choreographed dance numbers.

"I like the kicks and the flips, and that thing where it looked like you were fightin' each other back & forth? i liked that too."

Brian Austin Greene, aka the B.A.G. man, was today playing the role of sensitive life coach. Very touching. Ok, I just took one of my Safeway Select apple blossums out of my toaster oven. delicious. The pair of Charger Girls have won the playoffs! They were presented with tiny trophies. Congratulations, San Diego. Go Crazy!

Shit, the fun is over. Rich Eisen, Marshall Falk, Steve Mariucci, and Deion Sanders are now babbling about something. This looks to continue for another hour until Chris Collinsworth and Gumbel take over. Fuck. At least the game should be pretty good.

Food update:
I have finished both pot pies (32 ounces total) and have my second apple blossum in the oven right now.

Alcohol update:
Wild Irish Rose has been finished for hours and I am currently working on some Bell's Best Brown beers. If I run out of this, I have three varieties of bourbon, vodka, gin, and good wine ready to put on a jersey and get into the game.

"Are you the guy who called in asking about the Wild Irish Rose?"

Time to eat that 2nd apple blossom.

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