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Thursday, February 01, 2007

What The Super Bowl Means To Me

3rd Grade
Miss Johnson's homeroom
January February 1st, 2007

I like the Super Bowl very much. It is awesome! My brother's birthday used to be on Super Bowl Sunday sometimes. His birthday was yesterday. It is not on it this year. Football is really cool. My favorite team is the Lions. The Lions are not in the Super Bowl this year. The Lions were not in the Super Bowl last year or the year before that either or the year before that either. I can't remember before that. When I watch the Super Bowl, I like to eat lots of good food. My Mom made chili last year. My mom made nacho chips last year too. They had so much cheese on them. My favorite is Muenster cheese on nachos. I like to call it MONSTER cheese, but I know it's spelled differently! All the kids in school like the Bears, but I like the Lions. They called the Lions bad names, like Stupidfaces and they said that they're dads said that they are run by dummies and Matt Millen sucks and stuff. I can't wait for the Lions to win the Super Bowl next year so I can yell and make fun of the stupid Bears. Lions are way more awesome wild animals than bears anyways. Bears are bigger but not as fast and quick as lions. Panthers are my favorite big cat. It sounds like they say Llllllowwww, which is awesome. I don't like the Panthers team though. The Lions are my favorite team by a lot. I guess I like the Patriots too. My favorite Lions player used to be Shaun Rogers, but he couldn't play for four whole games because he took medicine to make him less fat. Football wouldn't let him play because they said that the medicine was bad. Now my favorite player is Mike Furrey. He's the most awesome wide receiver in football. Kids at school call me stupid sometimes, but they don't know. They'll call me awesome next year when Mike Furrey catches 50 touchdowns in the Super Bowl. I don't like the Colts either. Nobody likes the Colts at school either. They like the Bears much more. The teachers are all in love with Rex Grossman, like they want to marry him or something. They want to marry him but I know they are already married! I know because I know that if a lady is married you call her Mrs. and if she is not married you call her Miss and then you say her last name. Kids don't get to call adults by their first names, just their last names. But men you just say Mr. for everyone, married or not married. All the teachers who are in love with Rex Grossman say that he's hot and they want him to cannonize them or something. I looked up cannonized but I still don't think I understand. They call him sexy Rexy too. They call him come singer or glum slinger or come sinker or something too. I asked Mom what that meant and she spanked me and washed my mouth out with soap. Stupid Bears. I hope they lose. I hate the Colts too. I hate football this year.

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