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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boston Marathon, Part 3

During every marathon I run, I always tell myself that what I am doing is absurd and this has to be my last one. I'm 0-5 so an average day at the plate for Dean Palmer back in 2001. These BM posts will hopefully cement the stupidity of running extreme distances voluntarily with other idiots into my memory before the pain wears off.

****Note: Forgive me for posting part 3 before part 2, but this conversation just occurred between me and a coworker of mine. Part 2 will be up later today or tomorrow sometime.

"How was the marathon?"
"It was pretty rough."
"Did you win?" [I turned my head towards her and to my horror I see that she is not joking.]
"Does it look like I'm from Kenya?" [FUCK! What was I thinking saying this at work?!]
"What do you mean?" [Now that's ignorance, folks.]
"Oh, because since many years ago, the winner has usually been Kenyan."
"What, is it in there genes or something?" [Dangerous more careful]
"I'm not sure. It might have something to do with the altitude and mountainous topography being a good training ground for distance running."
"Kenya's in Africa, right?" [Wow--I stand corrected. Now THAT'S ignorance, folks.]
"Yeah, I know. When I go to IT conferences I look around and think 'Where the sistas at?', you know. It's usually the foreigners. They are all the ones good at computers and that kind of thing it seems like. And men--they're usually men." [I said nothing. This woman is perhaps the dumbest individual I have ever worked with, outside of the forced labor program run by the Washtenaw County Department of Corrections. I luckily was there as part of a probation and not a once per week let-you-out-of-jail thing that most of my 'coworkers' were from.]
"So what does the winner get? Do they get a trophy or something? A ribbon?" [at this point, I am completely numb to her incomprehensible ignorance and stupidity]
"Yes, but they also win a lot of money."
"Oh, I see. So that's why they run so good."

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