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Friday, April 13, 2007

Tutee Has Long Way Too Go

"What do you think you might want to be doing when you're older?"
"I don't even know."
"I mean, what kind of work do you want to get into when you're about my age?"
"Probably work at like Footlocker or my cousin got a job working at Fudruckers...or maybe just make my money on the streets....I'm just playin'!"

"Yo, you got a girl, right?"
"So yo, is she got it like mmm...BOOM up here and like mmm...POW back there?"
"That's not an appropriate question for me."
"Come on, just tell me, I mean, is she all fat?"
"That is not an appropriate question. That's not why I am here. I am not going to answer questions like that for you."

"I hate those African names."
"African names are tacky!"

After this, I was really fucking thirsty and wanted to watch some Red Wings playoff action. Today the old brain is not quite running full speed, so I am going to take the lazy blogger approach and just give you some videos to watch for your enjoyment, both of which were brought to my attention by some amigos in the big long cock shaped state in the extreme western end of the United States.


sexual contract

Bon weekend!



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