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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Champions League: A tournament, not a league, with only one Champion
Liverpool/Chelsea log: first half

8th minute: Frank Lampard gets a clean shot off about ten yards from the Liverpool goal and blasts it right into Pepe Reyna.
16th minute: Battered wife Riise gives the ball away, Drogba runs down the right side with Joe Cole coming down the center with him with just one Red defender back. Drogba can't get the ball to Cole.
18th minute: Shevchenko puts a nice hard cross in front of the goal but Joe Cole could not get a foot on it to convert. Chelsea has most of the threats so far
21st minute: Drogba may have been offside, but he breaks away from his defender and nearly gets a head on the ball that would have surely gotten past Reyna, who was going for the ball himself. Both missed it. Drogba is playing great.
23rd minute: Chelsea nearly scores on a great Lampard free kick from about 10 yards outside the top of the keeper box resulting from an Alonso foul where his cleat went into the chest of the Chelsea player, Mikel.
29th minute: Liverpool give up a counter-attack as Drogba takes a great pass from Carvalho and goes down the right side with one defender. Drogba's speed and phenomenal cutback and cross was buried into the net by Joe Cole. Fuck. They beat Liverpool with their own game.
37th minute: Kuyt puts a good cross in and Gerrard gets a head on it but cannot get over the ball to knock it down on goal.

Half. Liverpool maintained posession in the Chelsea half better in the last ten minutes or so of the half, but the Chelsea defense played perfectly. I'm kind of pissed about being down a goal, but the play has been very good. English soccer is the best brand. No diving, strong defense, and less whining and hand gesturing to the referees. In retrospect, betting on this game was unnecessary. The pinot noir I'm drinking isn't tasting as good as it did two nights ago, but it's always grand drinking to a daytime sporting event.

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