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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Champions League: A tournament, not a league, with only one Champion
Liverpool/Chelsea log: second half

53rd minute: Petr Cech just made an amazing diving save forcing a corner. Drogba is now limping and Mikel is down again...Drogba delivered a big accidental elbow to his teammate going for the ball on the corner.
65th minute: I think Liverpool had some good chances but I was kind of busy looking at this. Batter up!
75th minute: What mediocre wine this is! I think I'll pour another glass. Ok, Shevchanko is coming out and is being replaced by Solomon Kalou, countryman of Drogba, who is still in there despite possibly injuring a rib.
77th minute: Lampard is issued a yellow card for some reason. He had the ball, seemed to have position on the liverpool defender. Drogba nearly scored...he's clearly the best player on the field.
80th minute: I take back everything I said about English soccer at halftime. Holy shit, Drogba just made a great tip pass with his heel and his teammate just hammered it at Reyna, who deflets it away.
83rd minute: Pennant on for Liverpool. Xadi Alanso goes off.
84th minute: Gerrard is finally playing center midfield...only took Benitez 84 minutes to figure out that this is where he has to be. They say Darko runs like a deer. Compared to Peter Crouch, Darko runs like a squirrel.
88th minute: Chelsea doesn't have a single mediocre player on the entire team. What was I thinking betting against them at home? I'm contemplating what to do with the $60 left of my deposit. I'm thinking a hockey bet is in order. Fuck, this wine is starting to taste pretty good.

Final. 1-0 Chelsea.

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  • At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this whole sport blog shit sucks. when will you talk about "the hot color for summer", or why is california banning foie gras in 2012?! weirdos.

    San Francisco


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