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Thursday, December 13, 2007

What bloggers are saying about Michigan hiring Russell Crowe to be their head football coach

The sports world can't shut the fuck up about Michigan's blockbuster deal with Russell Crowe. Here are some recent posts by sports bloggers across the world.

Initial reports:
-A blogger with special sources breaks the story.
-Arnie "the beekeeper" Solomon, while not a wordsmith, has heart. He reported from the other side of the world, aka "under-down", backing up the initial report.

Follow up reports:
- A pun-laden piece summarizing the initial reports.
- A blogger summarizes the reports so far in the blogosphere.

- A deep-thinking blogger shares his thoughts on the hire and opens minds across the globe.
- Blogger processes facts of the hire and accuses the U of M of being really, really racist.

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