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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Week's Results

Things went pretty well for those of you who decided to use our advice on the gambling last week.

The Awful Chief- 10-4-1

Dr. Blackstones- 10-4-1

The Battleship- 4-10-1

While the Battleship's performance may have been less than exemplary, if you followed his advice on the OSU-USC teaser he recommend , you are undoubtedly engaging in activities like Uncle Scrooge above.

Good times all around. If Bill Simmons could pull off these kind of weeks, his idiot wife would not be posting her inane drivel on his site every week. This is not to be confused with the inane drivel that Simmons himself posts. It must really suck to have a job as a sportswriter and to have your wife beat you at picking NFL games 2 years in a row. This must especially sting for Mr. Simmons, since his wife has apparently suffered some kind of brain injury. She is incapable of a coherent, logical thought, as far as I can tell. Must have been all of the acid at her Phish shows. Maybe she didn't take it herself, but the thousands of hippie cumloads she swallowed were undoubtedly ripe with LSD.

There is one problem with The Battleship, however. He joined the contest, but failed to put anything up as a prize. Get with it Battleship, I want your booty.

Also, don't be surprised to hear from Arnie before this week is out. It will be nice for the Battleship to have a gambler with as poor of a track record as himself around. Even things out.


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