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Friday, February 02, 2007

Paris' Dream Job

My brother had some lady troubles during conference championship week, so I took the BMW down to Chicago to cheer him up. This, of course, coincided with the Bears thrashing of the Saints, so I was able to listen to some Chicago-area sports talk radio on my drive home Monday morning. It was the usual mix of jackassery and revelry that you would expect from a fan base on their way to their first Super Bowl in 22 years.

We're goin' to the Super Bowl!

One story, however, gave me some pleasure. Apparently, the Bears O-linemen are all big fans of wrestling great, Natureboy Ric Flair. Ruben Brown even had wrestling style championship belts made as Christmas presents for the rest of the line. He had them done by the same man who made belts for Ric Flair. They were modeled after Ric Flair’s first championship belt, and had ‘Da Line’ engraved in big letters on the front.

Anyway, Ric Flair ended up showing up at the bar with the team and is going to the Super Bowl with the Bears. Which can’t be good for the Bears.

I swear, I've always been a Bears fan

Well, this story was related by a female reporter whose apparent job was to find out where the Bears were drinking on any given night and go there ‘undercover’. God Bless America.

But I got to thinking about the whole idea of a groupie/reporter. While it is an ingenious idea, I started thinking about where you would go about recruiting such a classy lady. Would it be better to grab someone who is already a groupie and toss her a few bucks to come on the air and talk about her night? Or should you find that strugg-a-ling journalism major who is just desperate enough to go the extra mile for the story, but not old enough to have lost the looks that made her think she could be on TV?

I honestly don’t know which way to go. Do you go for higher quality journalism at the expense of the possibility that she won’t really commit to the role? Or do you ensure commitment to finding out the story with less commitment to actually reporting the story?

As for the Super Bowl:

I hate Peyton Manning. The thought of that mongoloid hoisting the Lombardi Trophy makes me sick.

Samantha, I think I love you

My pick:

The Lesser of Two Evils: 21, Colts: 19

(Vinitari misses 35-yd FG to win. This keeps him out of the Hall of Fame)

Fuck the Pats!



  • At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Corduroy Dream said…

    Having been raised a Bears fan, it's obviously tough for me to face the day today. This outlook is, of course, buttressed by my ongoing 4800 day weekend, but my thoughts are clear enough to share proper hatred for that saltlicker Peyton Manning.

    The only good I can see coming from this is the upcoming Bill Simmons article. You know, another where he namedrops his buddies Jimmy and Adam, who he happened to watch the game with, trying to convince us that Tom Brady would have led that offense to at least 49 points against that Bears D.

    Clearly I'm looking for some sort of solace here, and if Peyton getting his trophy increases Bill Simmons' already sizable douchebaggery, then I guess I'll have to be thankful for that.


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