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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inside the mind of a sports gambler

AFD face


37-13? At Eugene? This is complete garbage. What a fraud. This was not a bad bet, this is an act of deception. I watched This team kick serious ass this season and they come out against Boise State and lay down like a tired person on a bed. And of course Florida is getting the job done. Penn State did their work. I was about to take BYU as the third team in this stupid teaser but no - I was scared that they would fuck up because they don't think betting on football is cool at BYU. How stupid I am! Current score: BYU over Wyoming 41-0. The worst part of this is how much I LOVE Georgia to cover later. Damn shame I'm already fully committed at this point. If I want to fuck back and get in on the Jo-Ja, sweet Jo-Ja action, I'm going to have to make Another Fucking Deposit.

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