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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greetings to one and all.
Its been a bit of rough weekend for the beekeeper on certain fronts. First of all, yesterday was a day of college football mormon style (save for the Diet Coke con caffeine), as I find myself under the weather and at the mercy of drugs that purport to 'make coughs more effective'. Marlboros will do that too, just an FYI there, Mucinex. This affliction, while it prevented me from partaking in any of the Dr.'s birthday ribaldry, did not stop me from correctly calling a number of amateur contests yesterday. So I figure I'll throw my hat in the ring here too:

KC @ (ATL -6.5)
Poor Matt Ryan. Im sure the past week has brought about something of a comeuppance for the rookie QB. Heralded as the best QB in the draft, he may have actually started to read some of his own clippings after an impressive performance against the Lions. Well, as I can attest, KC is a better football team. If Larry Johnson gets on the field, hes auditioning for a trade right now, so Id go with the Chefs in this one.

OAK @ BUF (-9.5)
Gosh thats a lot of points for a Buffalo Bills team to cover. But, I contend they will. My reasons are short, but (I believe) convincing:
-JaMarcus Russel- God only knows how he didnt end up in the Honululu blue. Great to know that we arent the only ones flying blind out there
-Dwight McFadden- Id feel better about this had the Dr not traded him, and a lot better if it wasnt to one of the E. Lansing products in our fantasy league (the Battleship specifically) who typically leave a lot of folks scratching their heads whenever they get the trading bug.
-And I also think Buffalo's got a pretty good young team. They may actually make the playoffs this decade.

HOU @ TN (-5)
I dont really see Houston covering until they fix the roof.

CIN @ NYG (-13)
Im gonna have to go with the Bengals on this one. Not because Cincinnati is any good or anything, but I just sort of see the Giants going through the motions on this one. Everybody seems to have forgotten that this is a team that only feels like playing about 50% of the time. Much like how everybody put themselves under the impression that Peyton Manning was a great clutch QB, or that Kwame Kilpatrick wasn't on the take. The Super Bowl is basically like a national 2 AM Jager shot.

AZ @ Wash. (-3)
Kind of a toughie here. Has anybody else noticed that Jon Kitna kind of took up the cross for the league somewhere along the line, leaving Kurt Warner to the same relative status of an Evangelical pastor in Berkeley? Anyhow, I like the Cardinals.

MIA @ NE (-12.5)
Boy was rivalry a favorite for a number of years for the gambling community. I dont think Id ever heard of a no moneyline NFL game prior to the matchup of these teams a couple of years ago. The reduction of this line to -12.5 does represent an evening of the fortunes for these teams to some extent, but mostly just the fact that Matt Cassel didnt show he wasnt a liablility last week (though the USA today that was dropped at my hotel room Morning claimed that he "shined" in that victory). Im probably thinking that the Patriots will cover here. I wouldnt put any real Vchips on it though.

TB @ CHI (-3)
God am I ever glad they arent showing this game in my region. I was a little nervous given the proximity of Chicago to Michigan. I predict its gonna be a real puntfest. As much as Im sure Brian Griese would like some revenge. Id advise any sensible sports gambler to not even bother yourself with that line, take the under 35.5, go rent a Kevin Costner movie as it will have more entertainment value and check back at 4 to see if you won anything. Since this is for prizes/undying respect among my colleagues, register my official vote as Tampa.

CAR @ MIN (-3)
Its only a matter of time before Gus Frerotte surfaces in any given NFL campaign. Its too bad you cant take an over/under on the week of his first start. Maybe they'd no action it with the likes of Tavis Smiley or whatever starting for the Vikings. Expect big carries from AP, who will be ridden mercilessly till his inevitable injury, getting a cover for the Vikings.

STL @ SEA (-9.5)
I commented to the chief earlier this week that it would be kind of nice to have a parlay with this game and the Lions/SF so you could really showcase the worst this league has to offer. On that note.....SEA.

DET @ SF (-4.5)
See above. SF.

NO @ DEN (-5.5)
Did you know that New Orleans is the only major city in the US below sea level? I'll bet you did!
That means, that by their standards, they're over a mile high when in Denver. Thats a long way up! Given the fact that they dont have Marques Colston to singlehandedly dominate this game, I dont see them covering. DEN.

PIT @ PHI (-3.5)
On Monday night, I could only hark back to a cool fall afternoon in my Junior (or Senior, who knows) year of college when I saw Donovan McNabb take it to a Michigan team that was probably a better team than the Syracuse squad for which he played. Ive had this guy on many fantasy teams since then, every time I hit that "draft player" button this game has been somewhere in my mind. Finally, after about a 4-5 year hiatus, he seems to have returned to his old form. I actually dont see a ton of points being scored in this one. And frankly, that half point looms rather large as I see it. Still, Im gonna go with the Eagles here.

JAX @ IND (-4.5)
A battle of two overrated teams. Thing is, I really just dont think Indy's that good. I know all the big names on thier offense, but nothing's happening, and with Bob Sanders going out, their defense has started to resemble the Lions. I'll take JAX for the road cover here.

CLE @ BAL (-2.5)
Cleveland's offense should be getting it going any time now. Right? I mean we have to savor the likes of Braylon Edwards from afar seeing as we will not be getting anymore NFL caliber wide receivers through here until further notice. So personally Id like to see that, if for nothing else to add some credence to my salty naysayer rantings about the direction U of M has taken. Flacco or not, I say the ghost of Cleveland past takes this cover.

DAL @ GB (+3)
To my memory, Aaron Rodgers played pretty well against the Cowboys last year. And that was in Dallas. So I think he could probably do it again at Lambeau. After that Monday night game, Id imagine that offense is still trying to catch its breath, so I'll take the Pack here.

NYJ @ SD (-8.5)
San Diego's had a tough time winning games. Not that their QB Philip Rivers hasnt been playing great. I expect that to end on Monday night, in another hardly watchable game. NYJ.

Well, enjoy the games. And use this information correctly.....


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