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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hi all. Long week again. Some developments that definately need to be discussed. Unfortunately the games have already started, so in order for me to be able to watch, on to the picks:

Colts (-3) @ Texans
Again the Texans are getting too much respect. Why?

Titans (-2) @ Ravens
This is a toss-up in my book. Joe Flacco vs. Kerry Collins, very underwhelming.

Chargers (-6) @ Dolphins
Dolphins stink.

Carolina (-9.5) VS Chiefs
Who cares.

Eagles (-6.5) VS Redskins
The return of Westbrook bodes well for the Eagles.

Bears (-3) @ Lions
While I agree that the Lions got better immediately by letting go of Millen. 3 points is still a mystery.

Giants (-6.5) VS Seahawks
Are there any seahawks fans anywhere? Have you ever met one? They were in the super bowl here in the D and I still never met one.

Broncos (-4) Vs Bucs
The question here is, was last week the Broncos getting their bed-shitting out of the way or a sign of things to come.

Pats (-3) @ SF
If Brady was playing the line would be 13. Has any one player ever been worth 10 points in the spread? I doubt it.

Bills (+1.5) @ Cards
Not really sure why the Cards are favored. Maybe bettors are thinking that the Bills will wilt in the heat. I doubt it.

Cowboys (-16) VS Bengals
Bengals stink.

Steelers (+6) @ Jaguars
Too many points

Saints (-3) vs Vikings
Should be a shootout. To the delight of my fantasy team.


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