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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick Picks

I was planning on writing my post tomorrow morning before the games get started, but something has come up. I will definately post about tomorrows going ons sometime this week, but as a result I only have time for some quick picks. After last weeks performance, you would think I would spend some more time on these. Alas, no.

Broncos (-10) @ Chiefs
Home field is not enough for the Chiefs to keep this close.

Browns (-3.5) @ Bengals
The battle of Ohio goes to...Brady Quinn in a 2nd half comeback.

Jaguars (-7) VS Texans
I think that someone in Vegas must really be a Texans fan. They have no business being a single digit 'dog at Jacksonville.

Cardinals (+1) @ Jets
Brett Favre is an old man. He can't even remember the plays. Get him a Vicodin

Saints (-4) VS 49ers
Drew Brees is my fantasy QB. The 49ers are not as good as they looked vs. the Lions.

(-6.5) VS Falcons
The Falcons won't be able to run on the Panthers as well as they have been. Matt Ryan doesn't scare anyone.

Titans (-3) VS Vikings
Banged up AP + good Titans D= trouble for Minny.

Packers (+1) @ Bucs
Battle of the Bays goes to...the team not lead by Brian Greise

Bills (+8) @ Rams
The Rams are worse than the Lions. Horrifying.

Chargers (-7.5) @ Raiders
The Chargers need this game.

Redskins (-11) @ Dallas
11 is too many points for a decent team that is a rival.

Bears (+3) VS Eagles
This is only because Brian Westbrook is not healthy. If he plays I may switch it.

Steelers (-5) VS Ravens
The Steelers looked awful vs. Philly. I think they bounce back.

Last week: 5-10
Season 15-14-1


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