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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time for more football! Things are finally lookin up a little bit here in this dark corner of the football world. As everybody knows, Matt Millen was fired this week, which is symbolically a good thing. Its like if you sent somebody down to the ol Motor City Casino with your $100 to play black jack who was a huge believer in hitting 17s. You probably cant do much worse if you replace that guy, but the fact you sent him down there in the first place is the crux of the problem. In other news, the U of M (its defense specifically), won a game in dramatic style on a beautiful fall afternoon. I remember when we actually could expect those things, but I guess its a little more fun when you fully expect to be trounced, and for about 55% of the game you ARE actually getting trounced. My prognostications for this week:

DEN @ KC (+9)
Wow what a great game to bet on, Cutler is dealing bigtime, the defense seems to be playing decent when it counts, is it just me or is it time to make a deposit and go bigtime on Denver? For this reason, Im taking KC.

CLE @ CIN (-3)
Cincinnati actually showed some signs of life last week against the Gians, the Browns are still aptly named. I will give this I-71 shootout to the Queen city.

HOU @ JAX (-7)
Is the roof fixed yet? No roof, no cover. Gosh this is easy.

ARZ @ NYJ (-1)
How is anybody making this team a favorite after it was exposed how bad they are last week? For those who may have designs on peeing their pants today, I predict you'll also have a bunch of Farve interceptions to celebrate as well.

SF @ NO (-4.5)
Ok I'll bet everybody thinks SF is pretty cool for beating the lions by all those points last week. This is a lock, they're still terrible.

ATL @ CAR (-6.5)
Dont really have a strong feeling on this one, but 6.5 seems a bit much.

MIN @ TN (-3)
Minnesota is not that bad of a team when they're in AP riding mode, so I predict a road cover here. Not only that TN's pass attack with Kerry Collins at the helm wont be able to exploit their defensive shoddyness in this department.

GB @ TB (-1.5)
After that horrid ground attack that TB showed last week, they better get it together. As much of a Greise fan as I am, he cant tote the load all by himself. I guess this is kind of my fault for keeping Earnest Graham.

BUF @ StL (+8)
Going BILListic!

SD @ OAK (-7.5)
Bet early bet often. Why the hell should any team really care about a coach anyway?

WAS @ DAL (-10.5)
Man that sure is a lot of points, but I guess I cant really bet on the Redskins, so whatcha gonna do?

PHL @ CHI (+3)
Probably gonna be a lousy game, good thing nobody in either city is into the NFL that much.

BAL @ PIT (-5)
Do you think they're gonna throw RayRay in the slammer the minute he cant play football any longer?

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