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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, finally got round to it. Gonna be a big day for Wisconsin-ites. Either very good or very bad. So in order for me to cheer for something regardless, here are the MastroV picks for Week 4. Thankfully no Lions as I would have picked them post-Millen. Though I do give the Lions a half a victory for that move. Lions 1/2 - 3 through 2008. Not bad....

(My listing has the favorite first.)

Buffalo 8 at St. Louis - STL - T Green gets concussed and Bulger to the rescue. Bills eke out with major games from Royal, Lee, and Lynch all key HFHaters

at Carolina 7 Atlanta - CAR - Carolina make Hawks, whoops Falcons, look like they wish they had hurricanes

at Cincinnati 3 1/2 Cleveland - CIN - Harvard Fitzpatrick still takes the Bungles to their first win. Ivy > MAC

at Dallas 11 Washington - WSH - Redskins always play Boys tough in Dallas, no reason why things change. Boys are good, but not this good. Let down after Packers game gonna happen

Denver 9 1/2 at Kansas City - KC - LJ gets some respec

at Jacksonville 7 Houston - JAC - Slaton still rolls all over Jags, but Houston is awful

at New Orleans 5 San Francisco - NO - Dunno, just because

at NY Jets 1 1/2 Arizona - NYJ - Rainy, Jets. Arizona long way from home

Philadelphia 3 at Chicago - CHI - Chicago somehow wins. Not sure how, but Orton finds his inner Griese. Big Ten > Big East

San Diego 7 1/2 at Oakland - SD - SD finally gets chance to roll up score again. They will crush the Raiders

at Tampa Bay 1 Green Bay - GB - Pack win, enough said

at Tennessee 3 Minnesota - TEN - Tennessee is much, much better than Vikings.

at Pittsburgh 5 1/2 Baltimore - BAL - Baltimore looking good, gonna be a close one


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